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A Tale of Chickens

By Brianna, Deanna, and Yulianna Rivera

There were once six, forlorn chickens named Hanna, Engedi, Brillianna, Jasmine, Penelope May, and Amy. Here, at once we find them huddling in a cage after experiencing the demise of their beloved coop, and the loss of dear friends who didn't make it through the storm. The night was approaching into a deep darkness as they headed in the back of a pickup to an unknown home. Then there was complete darkness and stillness as they were tenderly placed into a dark box for the night.

In the morning, the door opened, and sunlight streamed into the small enclosure. The outside awaited them. What kind of place had they come to? 'Oh my; I don't like this place. It's so big and scary", Jasmine said to her girlfriends. "It sure is weird", clucked back Engedi. They had hopped out of the small enclosure that was their coop and into a larger barn. Suddenly, they were greeted by a large something. "Hello!" Nora-Jean the lamb said enthusiastically. She was a pretty, young black sheep who was very interested in the new inhabitants of the barn. She really was the sweetest ewe in the whole barn.

The chickens left the barn immediately so as to get away from this very large creature. Out they went into the wide, open, snow-filled pasture. Here they found bugs, mud, grass, and to their great joy, a compost pile! Nora-Jean, not to be put off, followed along; continuing to entreat the chickens to be friendly. "What do you want from us?" Amy asked. Nora replied, "I want to tell you that our masters are really sweet and they will take care of you. You don't have to be afraid." The chickens realized that what the kind ewe was saying was absolutely true. They felt so happy to have freedom and frolics, and they would always remember their first home and the loving care of their friend Katie.

As they were exploring in the evening, they saw some new creatures. We will tell you about them next time! Hope you enjoy our story. - Love, Brianna, Deanna, and Yuli.

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