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Life is filled with 'Never'.

Have you ever confidently stated that you will NEVER do thus or so? When you look back on your life, and count your Nevers; what do you see as a standard? I have found that my life is completely full of Nevers, and can I add Onlys? Onlys are my way of allowing me this evil thinking while still masquerading as a Christian.

Let me show you what I mean:

I will NEVER stay at home and run a house. Why should I?

I will ONLY have one daughter. (The joke's on me!)

I will NEVER farm or live primitively/simply. Right. $$$$$

I will NEVER homeschool. Check.

I will NEVER cook from scratch. See Autoimmune.

On and on the list continues. Some are exaggerations, some are over-simplifications, but all are sin. All tell my maker that I have standards not met in His will. So what kind of life has the Lord, God of the universe given me? He has given me all I need and more. He has been good to take my words of careless self-centered control freak nonsense, and turn it all into a fantastic plan that could never be thought of by this humbled servant.

So I am a stay-at-home home school mommy of eight. However, to give the Lord credit I only gave birth to one girl. My husband jokes that I forgot to dictate to the Lord God Almighty how many boys I would have biologically, and how many girls I would adopt.

I have been home educating my kids for over 15 years now, thanks to many beautiful friends, a faithful sister, and a near bankruptcy. This year we are moving to a 10 acre farm in Port Angels, Washington State. I cook almost everything from scratch, and finding now that we cannot afford to pay people to raise our food, so now we are growing crops and herds. In 2000, I became very ill with a auto-immune issue born from dirty eating - prefab. foods, dirty environment. I went from heating up the corndogs and tatertots to sprouting and grinding my own flour, growing veggies, and raising sheep. My kids had major issues too, so we knew that we had to keep ourselves eating clean. He is the originator of these ideas, not any goodness of my own. He is the one who knew all I needed. He is the one who gives me the strength to do what He wants me to do.

Thank you, God Father for being faithful. Morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have needed your hand has provided. Great is your faithfulness, Lord unto me. Thank you, God Jesus for your redemptive work in my life. You have made a way for me and for my family. Thank you, God Holy Spirit for cleansing me, changing me, leading me to You! May I continue to learn Your lessons Your way.


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